AI agent for your customer support

Integrate your helpdesk solutions with SmatAgent and provide quality suggestions for user queries, autofill current words or suggest next words to your customer service agents for improved response times and customer experience

What You get with SmatAgent


Suggest answers to repetitive level1 and level 2 customer queries to save time and let your agents focus on the more advanced and complicated queries.


Suggest AI-based responses for your support agents to deliver faster and accurate responses to your customers and decrease your Average query Handling Time (AHT)

Why SmatAgent?

Reduce tickets

Resolve level 1 and level 2 queries automatically without any intervention and drastically decrease your support tickets. This helps your agents to gain additional time to focus on other areas.

Faster resolutions

As most of the queries are automatically solved, this leads to faster resolutions of complicated issues as well since the agents are now free of answering all the questions irrespective of their level.

Improved CSAT

Since we are giving consistent customer service with AI and faster resolutions means improved customer satisfaction CSAT scores. This makes your support system more reliable and trustworthy.

Seamless Handling

Seamlessly hand off the customer service interaction to your support agent when the AI detects that the query is complicated to handle it automatically. This helps in having a better customer experience (CX).


Analyzing everything from session times to chats initiated, queries solved to queries handed over. Everything you need analyze will be at your fingertips to get the most of your AI agent.

How it works